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Geotechnical Engg.

Methods of Rock Reinforcement in Tunnels

Rock support for tunnels and underground cavern design is a demanding and very complex task. In principle, the problem can be approached from two directions: The first way is to define the relationship between geo-mec...

Geotechnical Engg.

Tunnels - Geological Exploration and Sections

Tunnel SectionsTunnels range in dimensions of cross-sections from those of small galleries driven by miners working with hand tools, to tunnels large enough to accommodate rail road trains, double lane of highway traf...

Geotechnical Engg.

Introduction to Tunneling

A tunnel is an elongated, narrow essentially linear underground opening with a length greatly exceeding its width or height. Most tunnels are nearly or exactly horizontal but for special purposes, tunnels may be drive...

Structural Engg.

Earthquake Resistant Structures

In countries where earthquakes are of frequent occurrence, important buildings are now designed to withstand all but the most severe shocks. Structures founded on hard rocks are generally less damaged than those on so...

Geotechnical Engg.

Earthquake Induced Processes

There are generally four types of earthquake induced processes: 1) Surface rupture, 2) Ground shaking, 3) Ground failure, and 4) Tsunami and Seiches occurrence. Each type has significance to a safe design of structure...


Tunazzina Rahimu Tima
28 Dec 2014 2 Replies

How to Improve Basic of Engineering Mechanics

Questions & Answers
How to improve the basic of engineering mechanics in the study of civil engineering?
Azhar Shahzad
16 Nov 2014 0 Replies

Why Become a Civil Engineer

Questions & Answers
By building up environment Civil Engineers play with nature... Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical a...
23 Oct 2014 0 Replies

Post your own Articles

We are always looking for unique, high-quality content in the field of Civil Engineering & Construction. If you are a passionate writer, then you can write a long detailed article on any s...
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Community Guidelines And Information

WELCOME TO CIVILERS CIVILERS is Web Source intended for Civil Engineering & Construction. Users can: (1) Ask questions for on-site or design related problems from other members, (2) Post articl...
Azhar Shahzad
06 Oct 2013 0 Replies

Open Application Programming Interface (OAPI) For SAP2000

Structural Analysis & Design
Recently, Computer and Structutes Inc. has announced the Open Application Programming Interface (OAPI) feature for its product SAP2000. With this feature user will be able to access SAP2000 by an e...