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Azhar Shahzad

Introduction to Traversing - Open and closed Traverses

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It is the method of establishing horizontal controls.


Traverse is a series of connected lines forming or not forming a loop. In the first case it is called closed traverse (when the loop is formed) and in the second case it called open traverse (when loop is not formed).


Vertical Control

That is the reference point in vertical plane, it includes series of bench marks and points of known elevations.

Horizontal Control

It is the series of points in the horizontal plane of known co-ordinates.

Types of Traversing

Traversing can be further divided into two categories depending upon the type of instrument used,

  • Compass Traversing
  • Theodolite Traversing

1) Compass Traversing

When prismatic compass is used for determining the direction of line, the method is called compass compass Traversing.

2) Theodolite Traversing

When theodolite is used for measurement of angles or directions, the method is called theodolite traversing.

By direction of line we mean the bearing of that line.

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What is the definition for open traverses?

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